Thank you so much for your interest in my artwork.  Please note that each game board takes several weeks to create.  It is a nine step process from beginning to end.  There are days of curing that are needed and the weather has to be agreeable for this method to be successful.  You will usually receive your piece in 3-5 weeks.

You can either call me in North Carolina to place an order or you can email the form below.  As you choose your designs, do keep in mind, that I am happy to change out a color to make it work with your vision.  For instance there are so many shades of red that would look beautiful on the patterns and work better with what you have.  I do not charge extra for these things for I want you to be happy.  I may have a piece or two in my studio available for immediate shipping, but it's not normally the case.  I paint as pieces are ordered. 



Checks and Credit Cards.  I do require payment at the time of your order so that you are placed on my calendar.  

I accept payments through Square, (similiar to PayPal) - I can either email you an Invoice to pay on your end or I can take your information over the phone and process on my end.  Whichever is easiest for you.


Your first shipping charges are complimentary by signing up for my newsletter.

Shipping is $20 per order.  Shipped via FedEx.  If you would like to receive your game board other then through FedEx, please just let me know.

FedEx delievers to homes on Saturday but not on Monday.


If my work comes to you damaged please let me know so that I can notify FedEx and have the piece returned to me.  This hasn't happened yet, but you just never know!  If you receive a piece that you really don't like at all, please call me, I don't want you to be unhappy.  I can make another piece for you.  The thought of you walking by my artwork in your home and not loving it, would make me sad.  So lets fix that!  Exchanges within reason though!

I'm sorry but there are no exchanges on Commissions.  I do my very best to combine both of our visions to create an original piece for you.  But there is so much additional time invested, yes during the middle of the night, driving my car, where I find myself designing your piece.  I'm sorry, and I hope you understand.



Just Fill out this form and I will let you know where I can add you to my calendar.  Weather is the one thing that seems to be able to put me behind.  Snow is fine, rain and humidity, not so much.

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